Supplying Agarwood from Indonesia

In addition to supplying to various countries in the world, we are also committed to achieving a zero-waste production cycle.

High Quality Agarwood

for various industrial and health benefits, is our main commitment.

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Welcome to Agarwood Indonesia

We have more than 10 years experience

We know how to manage to produce the best quality Agarwood commodity.

Stefanus Rudi Hartono

CEO & Founder
Our Product

Best Quality Agarwood from Indonesia

We manage agarwood with experience and detail in a variety of conditions.

Selection of the best Agarwood seeds

This is important, because the success of producing oil, etc. from Agarwood.

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Managed by experienced farmers for decades, so the quality of the trees will be maintained well.

Wood Cutting

Wood Cutting

Likewise, in the process of cutting or peeling agarwood, it is done carefully to produce the best oil.

Who We Are

Legal Administration Certification and Good Quality Processed Agarwood

This is what makes us trusted to supply processed Agarwood to various industries in various companies to various countries in the world.

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We will be happy and friendly to serve, providing detailed information about our products to meet your industrial needs.

Our Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

We will provide the latest information regarding factory activities and Agarwood processed products from Indonesia.

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